Cinnamon buns

Nordic Bakery cinnamon buns originate from a rustic home-style Finnish recipe that we’ve adapted and brought to London.

Easily recognized by their generous size, we bake our cinnamon buns on their sides so that the sweet cinnamon and butter filling stays enclosed inside. A sticky, golden glaze gives them a slightly crunchy bite, revealing layers of tightly packed cinnamon.

You can smell our cinnamon buns before you even enter our bakery. That’s because we bake them from our fresh dough throughout the day so that you can enjoy them straight out of the oven.

Cinnamon Bun Week (30 September – 6 October) is our celebration of one of Scandinavia’s most loved classics – the cinnamon bun.

‘Fill up on these gigantic, comfortingly warm, perfectly doughy buns’
House and Garden

”… the buns are ethereal’

‘the most scrumptious cinnamon buns’
Harper’s Baazar

‘Layer upon layer of robustly spiced dough’
Evening Standard

‘A little piece of heaven’