7 Apr '14

The charm of Chiltern Street


You’ve probably already heard about the opening of André Balazs’ first hotel in London, The Chiltern Firehouse. He has done justice to a beautiful 1889 building with 26 luxury suites. Chiltern Street has captured the attention of the media and it’s well deserved. We are…

6 Nov '13

David Paul Holland


People who visit Nordic Bakery connect to our ethos, our food and to our space. Some of our visitors have become devoted Nordic Bakery customers sharing our appreciation for aesthetics and design. Artist David Paul Holland is one of the regulars. We met him to…

12 Aug '13

Sounds of silence

to-sweden-with-love-541x587 copy

We don’t play music in our stores but music has been a major inspiration in the development of Nordic Bakery. When Nordic Bakery was just an idea the original ‘moodboard’ included images of record covers and the intent was to translate abstract musical moods into…

27 May '13

Contemporary and gluten free


What is a difference between ‘healthy food’ and ‘good food’? Are we finally ready to accept the fact that ‘healthy’ and ‘good tasting’ are not attributes at the opposite ends of the food spectrum? We believe so. The same change in attitudes has now spread…