24 Apr '15

Fancy a fika?


Coffee isn’t just coffee in Nordic countries – it’s a lifestyle. Finland tops the world’s coffee consumption table, followed by the Netherlands and Sweden, where people drink coffee all day, every day when having a fika. A fika is a Swedish tradition that the Finns…

15 Mar '15

In praise of ‘Latte Dads’

latte dads

We believe that a good coffee shop reflects the vibrancy of the people and community it serves.  Visit a London café in the middle of the day and in amongst the eclectic mix of people, you may start to notice a new type of customer…

24 Nov '14

Christmas Shopping List


When shopping for family and friends, we take great pleasure in choosing beautiful gifts for them. Here are some of the things we like. Marimekko’s soft, woollen scarves are large and generous – perfect for draping over a simple tunic dress as an accessory or…

20 Oct '14

Quiet Moments


When was the last time you had a still and quiet moment to yourself? Where you were totally present in the now? We love to give ourselves quiet moments of time to stop and just ‘be’ rather than running on autopilot.  These little moments can…

1 Sep '14

Work desk welcome


The summer holidays are over and going back to a welcoming work desk helps us get back to business. At Nordic Bakery we value individuality and encourage everyone to personalise their own work space to create a beautiful and productive place. Photograph by our customer…

25 Jul '14

The joy of breakfast


Nothing sets the tone for the day more than breakfast.  It eases us into the day by waking up our minds and bodies so that we’re more prepared for today’s hectic way of living. At Nordic Bakery,  we think it’s important to be able to…