2 Jan '15

Simple ways with rye


Festive indulgences can leave us craving the clean, wholesome taste of rye.  That’s when we turn to our trusted dark rye bread.  It’s the perfect base for a satisfying sandwich – served open or filled.  We like to keep the fillings simple so that they…

23 Sep '13

Three easy lingonberry recipes for autumn

Goat's cheese and lingonberry salad

This is the lingonberry picking season at the Nordics. As most of you know we love lingonberry, not only because of its health benefits, but simply because it tastes great and is a very versatile berry to use in cooking. We’ve developed three recipes for autumn…

1 Feb '13

New Nordic: cakes with substance


Baking is back. In our world, it never went away. We’ve always championed cakes, but there’s something different about the natural earthiness of a cake created in the new Nordic style. Rich with the seeds, nuts and fruits from nature’s harvest – there is a satisfyingly…

1 Oct '12

Why do we like lingonberry so much


Foraging has become very fashionable these days. Rene Redzepi from Noma, the world’s best restaurant, was featured on the cover of Time magazine standing in the middle of a field picking leafy herbs and greens. In the Nordic countries hunting, fishing and collecting  food from…