24 Feb '14

It’s ‘semla’ time


It’s that time of the year and yes, we will have ‘semla’ at Nordic Bakery. We have already received a lot of requests from the fans of this beloved little treat. The Nordics eat ‘semla’ for Shrove Tuesday, which this year is on the 4th…

2 Jan '14

Starting the New Year with dark rye

dark rye

Dark rye has always been the foundation for Nordic baking. In January we are celebrating this wonderful, wholesome and healthy grain as we start our New Year with the Nordic diet. Dark rye’s origins can be traced back to the Stone Age period. Rye was…

2 Dec '13

Share the Glögg


It’s already December. It has come so fast and as the year is almost over it’s a good reminder of the importance of slowing our pace. During the year we’ve talked about valuing our own time; making it meaningful and making it matter.  For us…

30 Sep '13

Proudly baked cinnamon buns

cinnamon buns

We’ve shared with you what we are passionate about in the previous blog posts. Cinnamon buns are our passion and this week we are celebrating the Cinnamon Bun Week (starting today and ending on Fridaythe 4th to the National Cinnamon Bun Day). We would like…

23 Sep '13

Three easy lingonberry recipes for autumn

Goat's cheese and lingonberry salad

This is the lingonberry picking season at the Nordics. As most of you know we love lingonberry, not only because of its health benefits, but simply because it tastes great and is a very versatile berry to use in cooking. We’ve developed three recipes for autumn…

25 Jul '13

Go wild for blueberries


Mustikka (wild blueberries) are plentiful throughout the Nordic countries at this time of year, where berry picking is a national pastime in the summer.  The best place to find them is in the pine forests which are full of plump and ripe berries, ready for…