16 Jun '17

A Nordic summer brunch

Nordic Brunch Low newsletter-1

Summer means early sunrises, long mornings and if we are lucky with the weather, sunshine to brighten up our days. So come mid-morning, it makes sense to stop and take a long break by sitting down to a summer brunch. Brunch combines the best of…

17 Mar '17

10 years of Nordic Bakery

Miisa Mink, Golden Square

When I entered our first Nordic Bakery in Soho’s Golden Square back in 2007, I felt like I had arrived ‘home’. Pressing my hands against the solid wooden door and stepping inside, I discovered a peaceful Scandinavian coffee shop where I could take refuge from…

6 Jan '17

Rye goodness


January is the time of year when we are drawn to our favourite wholegrain, rye. Rye is indigenous throughout Scandinavia and a key component of the ‘Nordic’ diet. Its health benefits have been widely documented and rye is gaining in popularity as people look for…

9 Sep '16

Win Free Cinnamon Buns For A Year

cinnamon bun london

Our cinnamon buns are loved for their unique Scandinavian-Nordic recipe and fans travel from all over London and abroad just to taste one. Imagine what it would be like to have a free Nordic Bakery cinnamon bun waiting for you every day – for a…

4 Jan '16

A month of dark rye cooking

dark rye

Throughout the month of January, we’ll be sharing some of our favourite dark rye recipes on Instagram. This wholesome, hearty grain is a key component of Nordic food culture and we’ll be showing you how to use dark rye flour in breads, pastries and other…

2 Jan '15

Simple ways with rye


Festive indulgences can leave us craving the clean, wholesome taste of rye.  That’s when we turn to our trusted dark rye bread.  It’s the perfect base for a satisfying sandwich – served open or filled.  We like to keep the fillings simple so that they…