9 Sep '16

Win Free Cinnamon Buns For A Year

cinnamon bun london

Our cinnamon buns are loved for their unique Scandinavian-Nordic recipe and fans travel from all over London and abroad just to taste one. Imagine what it would be like to have a free Nordic Bakery cinnamon bun waiting for you every day – for a…

25 Sep '15

Beauty is everywhere

cinnamon buns

We are surrounded by beautifully designed and creative work in everything that has been made. Art is everywhere and when we open our eyes and appreciate its colour, form and aesthetics – the experience is uplifting.   It can balance our lives, bring us calmness, expand…

29 Sep '14

On Wednesdays We Eat Cinnamon Buns

cinnamon buns

Before moving to Copenhagen for the first time in 2008, cinnamon buns were just something that people in Philadelphia ate for breakfast (I’m from the US). I’d never had a particularly good bun and, with treats available to me like croissants, cake and doughnuts, I…

30 Sep '13

Proudly baked cinnamon buns

cinnamon buns

We’ve shared with you what we are passionate about in the previous blog posts. Cinnamon buns are our passion and this week we are celebrating the Cinnamon Bun Week (starting today and ending on Fridaythe 4th to the National Cinnamon Bun Day). We would like…