25 Jul '14

The joy of breakfast


Nothing sets the tone for the day more than breakfast.  It eases us into the day by waking up our minds and bodies so that we’re more prepared for today’s hectic way of living. At Nordic Bakery,  we think it’s important to be able to…

27 Jun '14

Simple is beautiful


If you have visited one of our coffee shops, you’ll find that we offer something a little different.  A quiet, minimalistic space that allows you to switch off or be creative and collaborative. The city is already full of noise and action – people are…

12 Aug '13

Sounds of silence

to-sweden-with-love-541x587 copy

We don’t play music in our stores but music has been a major inspiration in the development of Nordic Bakery. When Nordic Bakery was just an idea the original ‘moodboard’ included images of record covers and the intent was to translate abstract musical moods into…