17 Mar '17

10 years of Nordic Bakery

Miisa Mink, Golden Square

When I entered our first Nordic Bakery in Soho’s Golden Square back in 2007, I felt like I had arrived ‘home’. Pressing my hands against the solid wooden door and stepping inside, I discovered a peaceful Scandinavian coffee shop where I could take refuge from…

4 Nov '16

Hygge moments


This Danish concept of hygge is gaining much interest right now and we think that this reflects a movement towards slowing down the pace of our lives. Of making time to create peaceful moments, with friends or by ourselves and to create a sense of…

1 Aug '16

Outdoors In

Nordic design

Nature has always been an important element in Scandinavian design and is part of Nordic Bakery’s ethos in providing a peaceful place to counter the effects of living and working in a busy city. Biophilic design principles (design that connects people to nature) have been…

16 May '16

#MyQuietMoment – what’s your favourite?

blog nb quiet moment

In a busy city like London, some of our customers have taken a quiet moment to create these mesmerizing still life pictures. We think they reflect the simple beauty that surrounds us. The beautiful architecture of London buildings, a quiet corner seat, a design-classic mug…

5 Jun '15

Less is more

Less is more

In a world where everything is everywhere, it’s easy to let our lives be ruled by distraction, disruption and anxiety which is why we believe that less can give us more. When we set up our business we were asked what we were going to…

20 Oct '14

Quiet Moments


When was the last time you had a still and quiet moment to yourself? Where you were totally present in the now? We love to give ourselves quiet moments of time to stop and just ‘be’ rather than running on autopilot.  These little moments can…