14 Jul '17

Best places to picnic near Covent Garden

Picnic Covent Garden

Summer is picnic time for us and when the sun is out, we like to meet up with friends to share our own lunch oasis outdoors. London is one of the most greenest cities in the world and there are many beautiful picnic spaces, close…

16 Jun '17

A Nordic summer brunch

Nordic Brunch Low newsletter-1

Summer means early sunrises, long mornings and if we are lucky with the weather, sunshine to brighten up our days. So come mid-morning, it makes sense to stop and take a long break by sitting down to a summer brunch. Brunch combines the best of…

15 May '17

Win Nordic rye gin with our berry cordials

Competition Napue-4

This month we are proud to be collaborating with Kyrö, a small Finnish distillery whose Napue rye gin was voted the world’s best for Gin & Tonic in 2015. Their slogan “in rye we trust” is the true essence of the brand; all their products…

28 Apr '17

The photography of ‘Font and flavour’

milla at NB-1 (1)

Ahead of the launch of our first lifestyle book published by New Heroes & Pioneers, ‘Font and flavour‘, we talked to the book’s photographer, Milla Koivisto. What is your connection with Nordic Bakery? Although I am now based in Helsinki, I lived in the UK…

17 Mar '17

10 years of Nordic Bakery

Miisa Mink, Golden Square

When I entered our first Nordic Bakery in Soho’s Golden Square back in 2007, I felt like I had arrived ‘home’. Pressing my hands against the solid wooden door and stepping inside, I discovered a peaceful Scandinavian coffee shop where I could take refuge from…

24 Feb '17

Semla love

semla nordic bakery

#Scandilove is cream and blueberry jam in a light bun, with just a hint of cardamom. At this time of year Scandinavians love to eat Semla, the bun that is traditionally associated with the Lent festival. But such is their popularity that we introduced our…