30 Nov '18

New Cinnamon Buns now in Store – 100% Vegan Version also available

Nordic Bakery is best known for the much-loved cinnamon buns and for good reason. Our buns are handmade fresh on the premises throughout the day so that they can be enjoyed straight out of the oven. Each bun is robustly spiced, glazed and crunchy on the outside with a light dough interior. They are as delicious as they sound.

This month, we are excited to announce that we have added a brand new, delicious cinnamon bun to our menu.  Whereas our rustic bun is heavier and gigantic in size, the new bun is lighter and softer and rolled up in a traditional Scandinavian way. The delight of these cardamom-spiced buns lies in their endless layers that open up easily revealing the cinnamon inside.  In traditional Nordic style, the buns are decorated with pearl sugar, coarse bits of crunchy, refined white sugar that don’t melt in the oven.

The great news is that the new cinnamon bun is also available as a 100% vegan version. The vegan recipe is dairy free but it’s as fluffy and indulgent as the traditional option. It has the authentic taste of a genuine cinnamon bun, so much so that you can hardly tell them apart. Pop in and try one today – you won’t be disappointed!