8 Mar '18

Breakfast, the Nordic way

Nordic Bakery - Breakfast, the Nordic way
Nordic Bakery’s classic Scandinavian breakfast is based on honest, natural ingredients. Creamy oatmeal porridge is piled high with juicy mixed berries, or served to your taste with either fruit jam, honey or cinnamon. A slice of fresh dark rye bread is topped with salted butter, Jarlsberg cheese and sliced cucumber. A hot drink of your choice and a fresh orange juice are included in the meal.

The Nordic way of breakfasting skips on the refined carbohydrates, sugary snacks and processed cereals (all things that give a brief energy boost – leaving us soon hungry again), in favour of a delicious and wholesome balance of foods with protein, fibre and slow-release carbs.

Our Nordic Breakfast meal is served every day until 11am. Simply choose your preferred options and enjoy your freshly prepared breakfast in store or take away.