29 Sep '17

Cinnamon bun week – Celebrating cinnamon buns

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It’s been ten years of making our iconic cinnamon buns; we like them so much that for us each day is Cinnamon Bun Day! Our bakers bake them every day of the week throughout the day so that our basket is never empty of cinnamon buns; sometimes we are overwhelmed by how much you love cinnamon buns too and they quickly disappear.


They have a lot of fans.

“Unless you’re gifted in rolling dough, we don’t recommend DIY. Follow our advice and pay a visit to the Nordic Bakery. At the very least, their buns are ethereal.British GQ

“… the most scrumptious cinnamon buns” Harpers Bazaar

And we love hearing our customer’s thoughts about them.


Cinnamon bun week is our cinnamon bun day celebration. Every year on the 4th of October the Swedes hold cinnamon bun day but only one day for our most beloved treat isn’t enough. That’s why we have a week to praise them. Seven days for not only enjoying our delicious cinnamon buns but to also indulge with the special flavours we create every year for Cinnamon bun week. Who hasn’t dreamt about adding apple jam to their cinnamon buns? Well, we’ve made it for you.

cinnamon bun week

From the 2nd of October until the 8th of October we’ll celebrate cinnamon buns by making a different limited edition cinnamon bun flavour each day but don’t worry if you can’t come on the day of your favourite flavour as we’ll have them all during the weekend.
Here are this year’s flavours:
Monday: Custard and almonds
Tuesday: Apple jam
Wednesday: Caramel and pecans
Thursday: Banana and chocolate
Friday: Blueberry and almonds

We hope you enjoy this year’s #CinnamonBunWeek flavours! And remember…