16 Jun '17

A Nordic summer brunch

Summer means early sunrises, long mornings and if we are lucky with the weather, sunshine to brighten up our days. So come mid-morning, it makes sense to stop and take a long break by sitting down to a summer brunch. Nordic Brunch Low newsletter-1

Brunch combines the best of breakfast and lunch. There’s no grab and go, there’s no rush. No hurried eating as you watch the clock. For us, summer brunches are a time for slowing down; relaxing, laughing and chilling out with friends. A time when you can have as many courses as you like, eat both sweet and savoury dishes and linger over coffee and conversation.

We like to sit down to eat breakfast every day of the week, but during the Scandinavian summer we like to break up the long mornings with brunch. There is always a wide variety of fresh and cooked foods – fresh picked wild berries, wholegrains, protein-rich foods – yoghurt pots and platters of cheeses, hams, smoked fish, boiled eggs and lots of baked breads and pastries.

This summer, from the 19th of June we are launching some sweet and savoury Nordic brunch specials. One of our favourites is ‘tuulihattu’ – beautiful mini choux pastries and we’ll be making them in all our stores for brunch– filled with either salmon and cream or ham and cheese.

And berries – there has to be berries in a Nordic summer brunch. We’ll be introducing mini blueberry tarts made with crème fraiche and sour cream for extra tanginess, topped generously with blueberries.

So, whatever the weather in London, we hope that you will stop by and enjoy a taste of Scandinavia’s midsummer with our brunch specials.