17 Mar '17

10 years of Nordic Bakery

Miisa Mink, Golden Square

When I entered our first Nordic Bakery in Soho’s Golden Square back in 2007, I felt like I had arrived ‘home’. Pressing my hands against the solid wooden door and stepping inside, I discovered a peaceful Scandinavian coffee shop where I could take refuge from the hecticness that is London.

I knew that I just had to get involved in this business. At that time, I found other coffee shops were noisy, cluttered and complicated – the whirr busied my mind, rather than resting it.

I had worked in the world of international advertising, creating a lot for noisy brands. I needed something to soothe my soul – and I had found it in Nordic Bakery. Its peaceful silence and understated beauty fused with the aroma of fresh coffee and warm cinnamon buns, set it apart. It became my meeting place and my resting place.

I believe that those of who live in a city need to balance the busy, noisy, fast lives we lead with stillness and beauty. That’s why everyone got so obsessed with ‘hygge’. But this ethos has always been part of Nordic culture.

Over the past decade, I have nurtured and watched Nordic Bakery grow into the community that it is today. The desire for a ‘Nordic’ way of living has really taken hold in London and we have been integral to that journey.

Ten years on, our loyal customers have given us the confidence to take our ethos to a more global stage and that is why we were thrilled to open our flagship branch on Neal Street in Covent Garden, Seven Dials.

neal street -2

We worked tirelessly to find the perfect space – convenient, yet peaceful; spacious, yet intimate enough for meetings. Located half way along Neal Street, we’re very close to the tube station and also part of the more artisan businesses in Seven Dials. The striking green moss tile wall is what attracts passers-by to step inside – it is a beautiful focal point for our dark rye sandwiches, Scandinavian cakes and of course, our iconic cinnamon buns. But what we love about the Covent Garden store is the downstairs area – finally we have found premises where there is a more private area downstairs and that is where people come to have meetings.

Our presence in Covent Garden marks a step-change for Nordic Bakery. It puts us on the global stage. So it is very timely, that our tenth year sees the publication of ‘Font and flavour’ – a lifestyle book about Nordic Bakery. The beautiful photography shot by Milla Koivisto captures the essence of the Norse people and the narrative of Nordic Bakery. The book, published by New Heroes & Pioneers, is a celebration of the principles on which Nordic Bakery is based and gives a glimpse into how our ideas are conceived and where we source our products with stories from my own life and those of our community of customers.

The essence of the book enables you to lose yourself and be transported to a place where silence and beauty is evident everywhere – it is home.

Miisa Mink

birthday cake nordic bakery low-3

For our anniversary week (20.03-26.03) we’ll be celebrating in all our stores by baking our favourite Scandinavian birthday cake with cream and berries.

To mark this special occasion we have also designed a limited edition Nordic Bakery poster which will be available in any of our four stores.

You’ve been such lovely customers all these years and to say thank you we are giving away £10 gift vouchers every day of the anniversary week to the first 10 customers to come to one of our stores at a special time. Make sure to check our social media posts to find out at what time and in which store but to give you a head start the first vouchers will be given to our first 10 customers on the 20th of March from noon at our Golden Square store.

Come and celebrate our 10 years with us!