16 Nov '15

An antidote to Christmas stress

We love a cheerful Christmas. Yet as the festive season approaches, we can sense our stress levels build – presents to buy, people to see, places to go to. It’s so easy to get caught up in the rush and clutter of Christmas by living it in a blur and that can be exhausting.

As an antidote, we like to create a little space in our day for some quiet time.

This might seem impossible in a noisy, busy city like London but we’ve found that the capital is dotted with peaceful havens and beautiful structures where you can find silence and solitude. Being more mindful of our surroundings and those we care about brings balance back into our lives.


Here are some of the things that we like to do to find peace and tranquillity:

     ·  Say no – to all the party invitations and instead, we like to spend time with really close friends and family.
     ·  Walk – we like to get up close to nature by taking a stroll through the nearby Regent’s Park.
     ·  Breathe in – deeply.
     ·  Disappear – into one of London’s intimate cinemas . Our favourite is the Everyman and there is one just around the corner from our Dorset Street coffee shop.
     ·  Read – there’s no greater indulgence at this time of year than finding a quiet hour to sit and read and our favourite spot is the Barbican’s Conservatory.
     ·  Seek – the silent sanctuary of a museum, library or gallery. We find the National Portrait Gallery is perfect for slowing down and might linger over some of the portraits for ten minutes.
     ·  Look up – at the wonderful architecture of this city . There are some stunning buildings, old and new, near to Nordic Bakery – we love the Royal Institution of Great Britain in Mayfair and Central Saint Giles in Bloomsbury.

Have a happy and peaceful Christmas. #MyQuietMoment