25 Sep '15

Beauty is everywhere

We are surrounded by beautifully designed and creative work in everything that has been made. Art is everywhere and when we open our eyes and appreciate its colour, form and aesthetics – the experience is uplifting.   It can balance our lives, bring us calmness, expand our imagination and reawaken positive feelings.

We have collaborated with four talented illustrators to encourage others to stop and look at the beauty of things around us. There is something alluring about seeing your favourite objects brought to life as an illustration and we asked them to create an artistic interpretation of our classic cinnamon bun to be shared with you.


Illustration by Emma Jayne. ‘I’ve used organic and rustic colours which are used within the café shop, and the pastries look so delicious!’

T: @emma_j_designs
I: @emmajayne_designs

Illustration by Carla Ferrari. ‘Cinnamon buns are a soft and sweet treat!’

T: @cafiofepa
I: @cafiofepa

Illustration by Cindy Cheung. ‘A perfect reason to celebrate Cinnamon Bun week, and being a Yorkshire girl, I am definitely more of a tea drinker too! The perfect combo.’

T: @missiecindz
I: @missiecindz

Illustration by Reena Makwana. ‘A cinnamon bun and a short latte is the perfect treat.’

www. reenamakwana.com
T: @ReenaMakwana
I: @reena.makwana