5 Jun '15

Less is more

In a world where everything is everywhere, it’s easy to let our lives be ruled by distraction, disruption and anxiety which is why we believe that less can give us more.

When we set up our business we were asked what we were going to add that was going to make us different and we said, “It’s not what we add that counts, but what we leave out. That is what is important”.

Less is more

At the time, the idea of a coffee shop offering one blend of coffee, a simple basic menu and no ambient music bucked the trend. Now London is having a gear shift and more people are choosing less by creating space in their lives.

By cutting out the clutter, the noise, the overwhelming choice and the overload of information, we, at Nordic Bakery, aim to create room for more.

A place where there is more silence. More time to be mindful. More space to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. More freedom to pause, to savour, to sense and to receive simple things that can give us great pleasure.

Living and working in a frantic city can be exhilarating. The fast pace of life fuels our creativity which is why London is such a fabulous place to be. Yet the city also offers lots of ways to step out of the fast lane, with places to go where we can allow ourselves to be and give our thoughts space to incubate and grow into something brilliant.

And when we feel like connecting with people, we like to go somewhere where we can be totally present with them. Real conversation is the new currency and we like to make it easy for people to disconnect from tech.

We live in a world where we can talk to anyone, from anywhere, right in the palm of our hand. Yet listening, watching, absorbing and being present with other people in real life is remarkably liberating.

Uninterrupted peacefulness to sit, to watch, to be – less gives us more.