20 Oct '14

Quiet Moments

When was the last time you had a still and quiet moment to yourself? Where you were totally present in the now?

We love to give ourselves quiet moments of time to stop and just ‘be’ rather than running on autopilot.  These little moments can bring great harmony into a busy day by slowing things down and replenishing our inner energy.

Most of the time we rush through life, unconscious of the present moment because our thoughts can often be on what we didn’t do yesterday and what we’ve got to do tomorrow.  Our world hurtles along at high speed and we run with it.

Even when we’re alone, it’s easy to feel compelled to be doing lots of things – reading, messaging, browsing, shopping online and listening to music.

We don’t always see and feel what is around us.  And we can lose touch with our best friend – ourselves.

The practice of mindfulness is gaining ground and can help us create a moment of stillness in a busy, hectic city.  By slowing things down and breathing more deeply, we can become calm and peaceful so that our thoughts float by and our senses become more engaged with our surroundings.

In a busy city like London, we like to stop and notice the simple beauty that is everywhere.  By looking up, we can watch the movement of the clouds. By looking down, we can see the rustic colours and intricate veins in autumn’s leaves.  We find that when we’re more aware of what is around us, we heighten our appreciation of everyday objects – the feel the grain of the wooden table we’re sitting at, the warmth of the wool coat we are wearing, the weight of the spoon we are holding.

Such moments are simple, yet so valuable.  And when we allow them into our lives, we often discover simple treasures that were there all along.