1 Sep '14

Work desk welcome

The summer holidays are over and going back to a welcoming work desk helps us get back to business. At Nordic Bakery we value individuality and encourage everyone to personalise their own work space to create a beautiful and productive place.

Photograph by our customer Cindy Cheung @Missiecindz shared on social media.

The things that surround us from morning to evening can impact how we think, work and feel -whether we’re situated in the middle of an open plan office, snuggled into an office cubicle or working from a coffee shop.  Many people like to escape from their office to work from our cafes, using the quiet ambience to think peacefully and the uncluttered setting to meet and share ideas with colleagues.Research shows that those who decorate their work desk have higher levels of job satisfaction and psychological well-being.  Most of us spend more waking hours at work than we do at home, so it makes sense to organise our work space so that it is productive and inspiring.

Having a creative and organised work space can help us be ready for action after we return from the summer holidays.  In our work place, we get pleasure and comfort from things that we’ve carefully selected to suit a purpose. The space around us is important too – it enhances the way we work and brings harmony to our lives.  This is one of Nordic Bakery’s key values – and the aesthetics of the space we have created is intended to bring some balance and quality to the lives of Londoners living and working in a frantic, busy city.

Some people prefer to keep their work desk tidy and functional; others love to surround themselves with lots of personal things. The key is to make it an extension of ourselves so that is inspires and complements our working style.

Desks can create inspiring scenes of our work. Tweet a photo of your working desk to @nordicbakery with #backtowork. Our favourite ones will get a cinnamon bun on us.