25 Jul '14

The joy of breakfast

Nothing sets the tone for the day more than breakfast.  It eases us into the day by waking up our minds and bodies so that we’re more prepared for today’s hectic way of living.
At Nordic Bakery,  we think it’s important to be able to clear you mind before its gets clogged up with distractions, interruptions and requests. So, we aim to provide a quiet place to honour the joy that breakfast can bring.
We serve an uncomplicated breakfast menu in the Nordic tradition that is best enjoyed when savoured slowly to allow you to contemplate the day.  Time spent planning the day over breakfast can provide greater focus and meaning to the day ahead and we encourage this by styling our cafes in a simple, Scandinavian style.
We like to make breakfast a special occasion for all our customers.  Carefully measuring out the coffee beans, heating the milk to just the right temperature, selecting the baked buns or pastries fresh from the oven, spooning the quark on top of blueberry jam  or stirring the oat and rye porridge to just the right consistency.
Taking time to eat breakfast can provide the mind space to think and plan, to take control over the day.  It’s one of life’s simple pleasures.