27 Jun '14

Simple is beautiful

If you have visited one of our coffee shops, you’ll find that we offer something a little different.  A quiet, minimalistic space that allows you to switch off or be creative and collaborative.

The city is already full of noise and action – people are rushing from one place to another, there is a constant whirr of traffic and distractions are everywhere.  So we decided that Nordic Bakery should provide a restful place to bring some harmony to people’s lives.  A place where there is no wi-fi and no din from loud music. The only tune being played is that of the gentle hum of people talking, of a coffee machine hissing and our staff attending to customers in a tender, calm manner.

Presentation is very important to us – it’s our way of giving customers a personal service. We take particular care about how we serve our food.  Every item is a thing to be cherished and we’ve planned how each component is presented on a tray to enhance its natural form and shape rather than relying on quirky props. Every cup of coffee is served on a tray, every cinnamon bun with a carefully folded napkin, every takeaway bun, cake or dark rye sandwich is gift wrapped and sealed in a plain brown paper bag.

We believe that beauty does not need gimmicks and we’ve taken our inspiration from nature and Nordic craftsmanship.  Huge windows bring natural daylight inside, window seats and benches outside enable people to connect with the outdoors, wood panelled walls add a snug, cabin-like feel.

Our aim is to provide a beautiful, peaceful place free from clutter and distractions.  A meeting place where people are free to think, create, discuss, reflect – or just be.