7 Apr '14

The charm of Chiltern Street

You’ve probably already heard about the opening of André Balazs’ first hotel in London, The Chiltern Firehouse. He has done justice to a beautiful 1889 building with 26 luxury suites. Chiltern Street has captured the attention of the media and it’s well deserved.

We are fortunate to have found our third shop space two years ago here at Dorset Street, just across from Chiltern Street. It’s one of the loveliest neighbourhoods in London. If you are looking for anything from a wedding dress to a saxophone you are most likely to find it here.  Some of the cool kids on the block are Mouki; a unique jewellery, clothes and beauty products shop, and Trunk Labs; a fine luggage, accessories, bags and shoe shop.

Our awesome new neighbours at Chiltern Street include BePilates, a charming studio located on the top floor of the former Evangelical library. This is another historical gem on the street which was originally a school building in 1859.  A couple of weeks ago a new sunglasses and swimsuits store called Prism opened their doors.

Chiltern Street is emerging as a unique shopping and lifestyle destination. All shops and cafes are ‘independent’, which means they offer more personality and individual choice than what you might find on Baker Street. And goes without saying, if you are looking for a great cup of coffee or a cinnamon bun, just follow the smell to find us around the corner on Dorset Street.