24 Feb '14

It’s ‘semla’ time

It’s that time of the year and yes, we will have ‘semla’ at Nordic Bakery. We have already received a lot of requests from the fans of this beloved little treat.

The Nordics eat ‘semla’ for Shrove Tuesday, which this year is on the 4th of March. But of course we are going to indulge ourselves and have it for a two week period, starting Monday 24th of this month till the 9th of March.

‘Semla’ is a simple, uncomplicated dessert.  It consists of a bun flavored with cardamom, stuffed with almond paste and whipped cream. We make ours rustic and homemade, and will be filling ours with the Nordic Bakery 80% blueberry jam to give it a little twist.

‘Semla’ is for celebrating more than just a day in the calendar, for us it’s about experiencing a whole day outside with family. It’s about doing activities and having fun with each other. It’s all about sharing and enjoying life with people we love. Just what life should be about, the simple good things.

We love to eat ‘semla’ with a good hot chocolate. It just goes so well together. It can be a little messy but it reminds us of our childhood.

We hope you will enjoy these last winter weeks and share a ‘semla’ with your family and friends.