2 Jan '14

Starting the New Year with dark rye

Dark rye has always been the foundation for Nordic baking. In January we are celebrating this wonderful, wholesome and healthy grain as we start our New Year with the Nordic diet.

Dark rye’s origins can be traced back to the Stone Age period. Rye was a vital component in the Viking’s diet. In the Nordic countries rye was the principal grain consumed. It become popular when farmers realized that rye grew faster than wheat and could survive tougher weather conditions, when it was too cold or wet for wheat to grow.

The ancient Finnish proverb says it all, “rye puts power to your wrist”. It was a good source of energy for the hard working man. Rye helped to save the people who lived in the forest from starving. Still today dark rye is a source of strength and a key component in the Nordic diet.

The list of recipes with rye is endless, our favorite one is the dark rye sour bread. Whatever your New Year resolution is this year, don’t forget the goal of having a good diet all year round. Dark rye bread keeps you feeling full longer which is helpful if you want to loose some extra kilos. But it’s also a great source of fiber and simply tastes great too!

Join us in celebrating this ancient, wholesome grain this month.We will introduce one dark rye special every week ranging from cakes to flat breads.

Happy New Year!