2 Dec '13

Share the Glögg

It’s already December. It has come so fast and as the year is almost over it’s a good reminder of the importance of slowing our pace. During the year we’ve talked about valuing our own time; making it meaningful and making it matter.  For us Christmas time is definitely the time to disconnect from the hustle and noise, from the to-do lists and over-booked calendars. We are getting ready to join with each other and spend time with friends and family. Glögg symbolizes just that for us.


It’s not a secret that we Nordic people are pretty proud of our Glögg. Every year around this time we talk a lot about it, we start anticipating it’s arrival and when we have the first sip we announce it to the world. Our star of December, the Glögg, has a well-deserved shiny spot on our list of Christmas cravings.

Nothing can explain the feeling when we relax in our peaceful candlelit ambiance with both of our hands holding a cup of Glögg. Having it as close as we can to indulge the smell of rich spices. It’s an experience we treasure.

We can’t help ourselves bringing our inner child out around this time of the year. Around December many of Nordic Bakery Pipari eaters share with us the fact that it brings them back to their childhood. Glögg and Pipari biscuits are and have always been a perfect match.  They enhance each other’s flavours. Like a perfect friendship.

As Christmassy as it may sound, Glögg gets us into the spirit of this season, when it’s about sharing not only food, but also a special time with family, friends and giving ourselves a little quite moment to reflect.

We wish all of you peaceful and happy… God Jul, Hyvää Joulua, Merry Christmas.