6 Nov '13

David Paul Holland

People who visit Nordic Bakery connect to our ethos, our food and to our space. Some of our visitors have become devoted Nordic Bakery customers sharing our appreciation for aesthetics and design.

Artist David Paul Holland is one of the regulars. We met him to discuss his passion for art and stories from his childhood when he saw his first Van Gogh painting. His art relates to artists like Bacon, Monet or Degas and their ability to describe an instant moment through art. This approach is clearly visible in David’s paintings. He shows the exact moment that he made the first brush over his canvas, concentrating time in an image.

Some of his oil paintings are masterpieces created as triptychs, giving the painting a balance, consciousness of time passing and circularity. They tell a story and are part of a bigger process. Paintings connect between each other, becoming fragments of a whole.

In his collection “Objects as Paintings” David presents the image together with the object, giving it awareness. He presents time held in a painting and brings it into the present, creating a conversation between them.

David wants to bring nature to the surface, to paint beneath the skin. He paints his subjects as visceral as they are, without decoration so they are themselves and nothing else. David always wants to reveal the layers to understand life, so that we are aware of our own fragility. He collected images of meat for many years and concentrated them into his paintings showing acutely raw that we are part of flesh and meat. He brings out life using subject and material. You experience the nature of his material as he experienced it.

David believes we live in a world that has screens that hide life itself. He tries to look around him as much as possible; he wants to see everything in life.

What’s next for David? We are looking forward to seeing his new triptych of a dead sheep head that he took pictures of in a market during a trip to Greece.