30 Sep '13

Proudly baked cinnamon buns

We’ve shared with you what we are passionate about in the previous blog posts. Cinnamon buns are our passion and this week we are celebrating the Cinnamon Bun Week (starting today and ending on Fridaythe 4th to the National Cinnamon Bun Day). We would like to say thank you to our bakers who make the 1000s of buns we serve each week.

Our bakers start every morning mixing the dough for our cinnamon buns. Whilst that proves, they bake the oven pancake, range of small buns, and oatmeal cookies. Then the hard work begins! Each dough yields 4 sheets and around 80 buns altogether. Each sheet is rolled out on the kitchen counter top to specific measurements before being covered in our cinnamon and cardamom mix and vanilla syrup.

The bakers then hand roll each sheet and cut the buns to size. They are then each rolled once more to ensure the perfect shape.  On a Friday or Saturday alone the bakers will make around 300 buns and bake them in the oven, for that perfect start to the weekend!

Afternoons are spent baking cakes, and creating new recipes. Juuso, who is from Finland, has been recreating a number of different cakes based on recipes from his childhood, whilst Fabian and Nicolo created our recent savoury specials.

It is also our bakers who have come up with the range of special cinnamon buns we have this week. Stay tuned for the different versions from blueberry filled buns to cinnamon buns with apple jam or almonds!

Our bakers truly take pride in the work they do and enjoy being able to bring a little taste of the Nordic countries to our customers. We hope you enjoy the different cinnamon buns we have put together for you this week!