12 Aug '13

Sounds of silence

We don’t play music in our stores but music has been a major inspiration in the development of Nordic Bakery.

When Nordic Bakery was just an idea the original ‘moodboard’ included images of record covers and the intent was to translate abstract musical moods into a physical space.

Our ‘moodboard’ had two Simon & Garfunkel covers – ‘Bookends’ and ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’. First cover is a sharp black and white portrait by Richard Avedon and second one is a softer focus and grainy colour image that inspired both the colour scheme and typography for Nordic Bakery. Songs on both these albums are melancholic, intelligent, beautiful reflections and stories from a big city and the cover art is spot on.

Other inspiration has been The Art Farmer Quartet’s ‘To Sweden With Love’ from 1964. An American jazz musician playing Swedish folk songs may sound like an odd combination but it is one of the most touching records of all time. The effortless and naked clarity of Art Farmer’s flugelhorn and the transparent sound of his backing band instinctively connects to the beauty of these traditional melodies that have so much ‘Nordic soul’ packed into them.

We believe that anyone who truly loves music appreciates that music should not be reduced to a mere stimulus, mood enhancer or filler to wipe off the awkward silent moments. Much better soundtrack for a coffee shop is the chatter of fellow customers or simply the ‘sounds of silence’.