27 May '13

Contemporary and gluten free

What is a difference between ‘healthy food’ and ‘good food’? Are we finally ready to accept the fact that ‘healthy’ and ‘good tasting’ are not attributes at the opposite ends of the food spectrum?

We believe so.

The same change in attitudes has now spread over to the ‘free-from’ products. Gluten free products are coming out to the mainstream and it is time to remove the ‘you have a problem’ label from gluten free products. Many of us simply choose to follow a low gluten diet as a lifestyle choice or to introduce variety to what we eat.  It is lovely to have an alternative to the traditional bread or cake options in the same way we want chips with our meal and the next day we may choose something with rice or pasta or side salad.

We believe in offering contemporary, good quality choices in our coffee shops. This is why we are introducing sandwich and muffins alternatives that are simply made from alternative ingredients, free from gluten.

Gluten free means the products are made with other ingredients than wheat, rye or barley, which all contain gluten. Generally these ingredients are rice flour, potato, millet, buck wheat or tapioca. All equally tasty ingredients.

We trust that over time gluten free will gain similar status to soya milk, a contemporary alternative in your daily latte. Gluten free is an urban option and belongs firmly to the modern city culture.